21st Century Alarm Systems

There is no reason for your alarm system to work the same way it did in 1985.

Alarm systems have undergone a revolution in the past 3 years as they have gotten smarter (and connected to the internet). Imagine coming home and with the touch of a button on your key-fob or garage door opener you: open the door, unlock the house, disable the alarm, turn on the heat or air conditioning, and turn on the lights. These are standard features of today’s alarm systems. When you leave, one button will close the door, lock the house, arm the alarm, set-back the heating and cooling, and turn off the lights.

The systems also allow you to:
Control the system from your PC, smartphone or tablet.
Receive texts or emails when the system is armed or disarmed, letting you know who is coming or going and when.
View cameras, turn on and off lights, control thermostats, unlock doors or open/close garage doors.

The phone companies and cable companies have jumped on the bandwagon, attempting to provide these services and bundle the costs with their other services. It is a great idea in theory, as they are already generating a bill and collecting money from you every month. The downside is the fact that they do not have a great reputation for providing good service and being responsive for the basic services they have been providing for years. They do not have technicians who are professional, are experts at running wires through fine homes, and show up when promised. What they have done well is alerted the market that these services are available.

If you want to bring your alarm system into the 21st century, give us a call. We will show up on time, provide great service, and leave you with a system that works.

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