Lutron Lighting


SoundVision designs, installs and programs Lutron lighting control, shading control and HVAC control systems.  As authorized providers, SoundVision has completed certification training and are authorized to design, sell and install Lutron solutions and products. We have won many awards and all of our technicians are highly competent in Lutron installations.


  • Save Energy
  • Enhance Comfort & Convenience
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Safety & Security


  • Voice control via Siri®
  • Available on Apple Watch™
  • Personalized Scenes
  • Schedule lights & shading automatically
  • Notifications upon departure if lights left on
  • Activate scenes upon arriving home
  • Select scene from swiping down on device without opening app

Lutron’s Homeworks QS and Radio RA2 systems offer total home control integrated with your lighting, security, audio/video, motorized shades and HVAC (Heating/Cooling)  from your smart phone, tablet or keypads for local control. It is also able to integrate with Lutron’s very own shading system.

Lutron is the very best solution when it comes to lighting and shade control. We love it here at SoundVision because of it’s convenience. You are able to save different settings applied to your lights, motorized shades and central air as “scenes” for the perfect environment all from the touch of a button.

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