SoundVision is a proud dealer of Seura’s revolutionary vanishing, waterproof and outdoor TVs. One of their most innovative products being the Mirror Television, a fully functioning regular mirror when not in use, but with the touch of the button the mirror transforms into a television. A great option for clients who don’t want a TV being the focal point of the living room or wish to watch TV during their morning routine without disrupting the existing decor of their bathroom.

Another groundbreaking product is the Storm outdoor television, ideal for anyone who prides themselves on their outdoor entertainment space. It is a fully functioning year round, weatherproof TV that thrives in any climate from -30 F to 140 F, impressive!

  • Powerful audio options
  • Performance display
  • Easily integrated
  • Varying mirror & TV sizes
  • Waterproof remote
  • Optional vanishing clock
  • Optional illumination
  • Optional framing


  • Enhanced™ Vanishing Vanity Television Mirrors
  • Deco™  Non-vanishing Vanity Television Mirrors
  • Storm Ultra Bright™ Outdoor Weatherproof TV
  • Storm™ Outdoor Weatherproof TV
  • Hydra™ Indoor Waterproof TV
    • shower, kitchen backsplash, steam room

If you are looking for a hidden technology solution for your television call SoundVision today. As a Seura certified dealer, we have over 10 years experience installing Séura Mirror Televisions and other discreet TV options to help maintain the aesthetics of your home and change how you entertain your guests.


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