Kaleidescape Blu-ray, DVD, movie server, San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma

Kaleidescape is a manufacturer of a movie server that digitally stores and organizes your Blu-ray and DVD movies, and makes them available from any television in your home.

Tired of searching through hundreds of DVDs or Blu-ray Discs to find your favorite feature film on movie night? Imagine scrolling through a grid of all the DVD covers in your movie collection, selecting your favorite and it starts to play instantly, without ever leaving the couch. It’s possible with a Kaleidescape system, installed by the experts at SoundVision.
A Revolutionary Media Server System

Powered by a multiple hard drive based system and featuring a stunningly simple and intuitive user interface, Kaleidescape stores your DVDs to an internal disk, allowing you to access them at the touch of a button and have them play instantly. Gone are the days of searching bookshelves full of DVDs for your favorite title, and then navigating through endless menus and previews. Kaleidescape and SoundVision — simplifying the home theater experience.

Every Kaliedescape movie server system SoundVision installs is backed by our low-price guarantee, lifetime guarantee on workmanship and our world-class service department. For more information on our home theater or audio solutions, go to the Home Theater page. To schedule an initial design consultation and find out more about integrating a Kaleidescape system into your media or home theater system, contact us today.

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