Sonos Software Update – Bonus Features – Control Multiple Systems

Sonos recently released a new software update with some pretty cool features.

The new software update allows you to connect to and control multiple systems. I can now use my mobile device to control my Sonos system at home and my Sonos system at work without having to reset the controller each time.

It also allows us to use a Connect:Amp with in-ceiling speakers to create surround sound in conjunction with the Playbar (sound-bar speaker for TVs).

On mobile devices, you can check for updates by selecting “Settings” from the menu and then selecting “Online Updates”.

Now for the fun part, the new software allows the mute button on the controller to have some additional functions. While streaming music, if you press the mute button twice quickly, the music will skip to the next track. I have found this especially convenient on the Play:3 and Play:5 devices which are usually within arm’s reach on the counter. Pressing mute once will mute the Sonos player (or the whole group if multiple players are grouped). Pressing and holding the volume down button for about a second on a player that is part of a group will mute just that player, allowing the other players to keep playing.

Let us know if you would like help with your Sonos system, or if you would like to add music to your house.


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