Sonos Update – New $199 speaker great for kid’s rooms/bathrooms.

Sonos has  launched a new product earlier this week. The Play:1 is a small, humidity resistant all-in-one player/amplifier/speaker that is ideal in bathrooms but can also be paired with the Sonos PlayBar and Sub to create a wireless surround sound system. We  have the Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 available for demonstrations at our office.

Sonos Speaker Options

Great solutions for easy whole-house music

I took the Play1 home last night and was more impressed with its performance than the initial test in the office. When we tested it in the office, it was out in the open on the desk; at my house I first placed the Play1 in the corner of the kitchen counter underneath the upper cabinetry. Guess what…bass boost! Also tried it in the bathroom and in my living room on a bookshelf. Bathroom was good, living room was ok (not great). Living room would have been great as a stereo pair with a Sub.

New Ultra-small Sonos speaker

Great for kid’s rooms or bathrooms

Assessment: a nice small speaker to tuck into a corner where the Play3 or Play5 is too big/obtrusive. Impressive power/volume. Not recommend for larger rooms unless used as pairs or with a Sub.

If you need help updating your system or haven’t tried Sonos yet, give us a call. We are happy to help!


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