Compensation and Benefits

At SoundVision, we are able to maintain and satisfy our elite team by providing industry leading compensation and benefits. Our employees are given the highest wages in the industry, up to 50% higher than the industry average for our region, complete with wage calculators to put employees in charge of their income. We offer 401k plans with matching. We also have a profit sharing system with substantial payouts. In 2016, employee contributions totaled 47% of the company 401k funds, matching accounted for 21%, and profit sharing accounted for 32% of the overall funds. With employees contributing less than half of their 401k funds, we are setting our team up for success throughout their career and into the future. Employees are also given health insurance, sick leave, and paid holiday and vacations.

Company vehicles available for our employee’s personal commute. All employees are given a company cell phone, which is available for personal use, and a company credit card. We provide our team with the best tools to succeed in any project, regardless of the scope. If an employee wants a new tool, they have permission to buy one and try it out. If it proves useful, they are encouraged to show it off at our Friday meetings, so others can see if it would help them succeed.

All employees are treated with respect and professionalism. You will be recognized by your colleagues for a job well done. If you make a mistake, you will not be yelled at or scrutinized. Instead, the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that the same mistake will not be made again in the future. We give our employees opportunities for growth within the organization. This is not just a job, but a career. Employees who show a great work ethic and motivation are given opportunities for promotion and advancements in the company. We want our employees to live up to their potential, and strive to help them reach it.