The Importance of Surround Sound Systems

Surround Sound Systems

As the world of Home Theater grows, so does multi-channel sound (aka. surround sound).   The way you experience sound in your entertainment has a huge impact on how much you enjoy it.   Surround sound is a tremendously cool way to experience your movies and music in a way that makes you feel like you are in the middle of it all.I remember my first experience with surround sound, Close Encounters

of the Third Kind; I sat down with my popcorn ready to be spellbound while Steven Spielberg worked his magic.  Interestingly enough, it wasn’t just the story that captivated me; it was something I had never experienced before, the sounds were coming from all around me.  This made an incredible movie feel even more real and completely exhilarating.At the time, this was so innovative, so exciting it didn’t occur to me that I would be able to recreate the experience in my own home. But now, this technology is fairly standard in home entertainment systems.  High end systems have been on the market for a while but now there are many budget friendly options that maintain a similar level of quality as the high end systems.In real life we experience sound from all around us.  Surround sound recreates this by sending the right sounds to the right places.

A surround sound system lets you enjoy your content with a realism all its own.The most common type of surround sound is the 5.1 system.  A 5.1 surround system has five discrete audio channels: Left, Right, Center, Left Surround, Right Surround and a Subwoofer.The center speaker is for the dialogue of the film, and the front speakers produce the action noises and create the effect of sounds moving from the side to side.  Then the surround speakers (behind you) add depth to the sound.  They are generally a little quieter and they allow you to hear the things going past you.  To really create the best overall sound you also need a sub-woofer; this increases & intensifies the bass without causing peaks or dips.That’s part of the technical reason why surround systems sound great. If you enjoy playing music and watching movies that sound amazing, do yourself a favor and contact us about setting yours up for you.

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