Theater Projectors and Screens

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If a truly stunning home theater experience is what you’re looking for, then consider making a high definition video projector and screen the star of your show. SoundVision selects projectors that have a small footprint but provide a huge impact for your home theater system.


SoundVision recommends Runco when video performance is paramount. Runco builds the finest high performance video projectors by combining the finest DLP light engines and optical lenses with ultra high-performance video processing. The result is the best possible picture from the source material. Runco is the projector of choice for uncompromised video performance.


SoundVision recommends JVC for high performance video projectors at a great price. JVC 3-chip LCOS technology provides outstanding color saturation and picture quality for a great price. For the best value in projection video, SoundVision recommends JVC.

SoundVision recommends Epson value based video projectors. Combining single chip DLP light engines with Epson reliability, the result is a great product at a great price. For the big-screen experience on a budget, Epson is the brand of choice.

SoundVision recommends Stewart Filmscreens for the highest quality projection screens. For even color and brightness, the Stewart production process makes them the industry leader. Combining the uniform color and gain with a variety of fabric selections, Stewart can make the perfect screen for every application.

SoundVision recommends Vutec Vision-X for good screens at great prices. The Viewflex-Pro self supporting fabrics provide a great value for motorized screen options. The XTC line of “trap door” screens is the best value in the category.