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Here are the different types and options for your HOME AUTOMATION system.

Lighting Control:

Sound Vision Lighting Control

Take command of your home’s lighting system right from a simple and intuitive touchpanel interface. Turn off all lights in a zone, or control individual lights pointed out on a floorplan of your home. Motorized window shade systems can also be controlled right from a touchpanel as well.

Climate Control

Sound Vision Climate Control

Tired of the endless fiddling with programmable thermostats? It’s easy to control your home’s climate control system from an in-wall touchpanel. Plus, you’ll save energy by making it easier than ever to program your system and achieve maximum efficiency.

Distributed Audio

Sound Vision Distributed Audio

Select a track to play from your music server, change satellite radio channels or choose a radio station to listen to, all right from an in-wall touchpanel. Control volume and select

Pool and Spa Control

Sound Vision Pool and Spa Control

Adjust the temperature of your pool or spa before you even set foot in your backyard. You’ll also have control over the safety of your pool, such as lights and motorized pool covers, right from a touchpanel inside your home.

Surveillance Cameras

Sound Vision Surveillance Cameras

Our touchpanels interface with your home’s surveillance system, allowing you to see who’s at your front door or gate right from the touchscreen.

iPhone Control

Sound VisioniPhone Control

For Apple iPhone or iPod Touch users, many of our systems feature apps in the iTunes App Store that allow you to control all aspects of your system from wherever you have a data connection. Control music volume from the backyard, or adjust your climate control system before you arrive home.

Every SoundVision system is backed by our low-price guarantee, lifetime guarantee on workmanship and our world-class service department. To schedule an initial design consultation and find out how a home automation system from SoundVision can improve your life at home, contact us today.

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