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SoundVision is the leader in modern alarm systems that allow for online access, control and the ability to enable/disable systems from anywhere in the world. The systems can be accessed through your smartphones or tablets providing instant feedback when you are away and a sense of safety for your family and home.

Unlike some of the mass providers, we are able to integrate top of the line security products into your home’s style and décor without disrupting the aesthetics of your home. As experts we can help you decide which high-definition surveillance camera is right for you. We will also provide guidance for the right camera locations in order to capture what you want to see.

Panoramic Cameras provide 360 degree surveillance free of blind spots. Low lux cameras preform great in low light conditions with good visibility. These cameras feature a low light, high sensing mode and function well as day/night cameras and in changing weather conditions because they are able to capture color images in both daytime and low-lux conditions. They are a viable option if you want the cameras existence hidden.

PTZ  (pan tilt zoom) cameras feature the ability to zoom over 10x and pan surrounding areas. The PTZ camera can be set to automatically tour an area, as well as zoom in and track motion.

IR illumination cameras are great for very dark settings. The infrared illuminators enhance images in dark environments by allowing the image sensors to capture sharper images. During the day they produce high resolution color video. The camera has automatic light detection and switches form color to black and white when the lighting gets low, then the infrared illuminates the area to see much clearer than the human eye alone.

Camera Types & Styles

Bullet Surveillance Camera

Bullet Camera

There are different types of cameras, the most common are dome and bullet; functionality wise they are quite similar but there a few things to be considered when deciding which is best for your home or business.

Dome Surveillance Camera | Marin San Francisco Napa Sonoma

Dome Camera

Dome camera lenses can rotate 360 degrees.  The wiring is hidden and they provide a sleeker look and are less intrusive making them very popular choice. They are available in indoor and weather proof models.

Bullet cameras are commonly used outside and are usually weatherproof. They are also a good option when you want people to be aware of the fact they are being watched. Covert cameras are also available for an even more discreet look than dome cameras, cameras can be hidden in clocks, motion sensors, etc.

Network video surveillance systems have remote accessibility and superior image quality.  The video can be stored onsite or at remote locations for convenience and security purposes. Our providers have created surveillance cameras and video recorders that can be accessed through apps to get real-time video on either your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world, ensuring the safety of your home and keeping you at ease when you are away.

Surveillance systems can also be set to record on motion. Motion detection recording allows you to only record when there is activity in the area you are monitoring. This makes it easier to find recorded events and save disk space on the recording device’s hard drive.


We have two primary devices we use when securing your home, wired or wireless. A wired system eliminates the need to replace batteries, but requires more effort to install the wiring. A wireless system is reliable and installation is much simpler BUT the batteries need to be replaced about every 5 years.

Arming Modes
There are two different ways to arm your alarm system, “Away Mode” is used when no one is home and the entire system is armed. This includes the exterior door, window and glass break sensors as well as the interior motion detectors. Upon entering the home an alarm will sound if it is not disarmed within the 30 second entry/exit delay countdown.

Away mode is ideal during the day or when no one is home, but what if you want to ensure your safety while you are in the home or sleeping? When “Stay Mode” is activated the full perimeter of your system is armed, this means the doors, windows and glass break sensors, but the interior motion sensors inside are disabled. This gives you the ability to roam freely inside your home but when windows or doors are opened or a screen is removed or cut the alarm is triggered and respondents are notified.

Augmented Alarm
There are many ways we can customize the security system and integrate into other home control systems to best benefit your family’s specific needs and alert you as necessary.SoundVision Security | Marin, Sonoma, SF, Napa, Berkeley

-Microwave/laser sensors for the outdoor perimeter
-Glass break sensors
-Fire/heat sensors
-Sprinkler alarm, if your fire sprinklers are triggered the fire department is contacted immediately
-Exterior windows/screens monitored if moved or cut

SoundVision Security’s first priority is making sure your family is safe in a way that is both seamless and aesthetically pleasing. If you want to upgrade your alarm or surveillance system, feel free to give us a call so we can discuss what’s best for your home.


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