Project Profiles: San Francisco Business


We installed ten pendant style speakers in the office for clear audio evenly spaced throughout the building. There are six speakers in the main office space, two in the conference room, and one in each of the two offices. The main office space and conference room are one zone, and each office is its own zone. Each of these zones are connected to a Sonos zone player, and can be controlled individually or all at once.


This conference room was designed for easy video conferencing through a Crestron controlled system. We installed an Ultra-thin 75” 4K LED TV on a flat mount on the wall. We then installed a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) conference camera above the TV to allow conference calls to be viewed by others not in the room. Next we installed a Phoenix Beamforming Array Microphone. This microphone scans the area to pick up sounds from anywhere in the room while sitting on the cabinet below the TV. We installed an iPad on a magnetic recharging station (launch port) for control of all audio and video systems. All systems are connected to the client’s Mac Mini, and are wired in the cabinet below the TV. All wires remain out of sight.

Our client was looking for an easy to operate conference room with video conferencing capabilities and an integrated system connecting all technologies. They also wanted an audio system throughout the building.

Motorized Window Treatments

In the conference room, we installed Lutron Triathlon Roller Shades. The shades are programmed to be easily controlled through the client’s conference room iPad. The system can be customized to fit the client’s preferences.

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