Staying Up To Date With The Latest Technologies

Technology today is growing at an exponential rate. New products are being released daily, and new ways to use technologies are never ending. As a tech company, few things can be more harmful to business than getting complacent. If companies are not constantly learning about the newest technologies, they will become outdated very quickly. It doesn’t take long for some state of the art technology to become outdated and ineffective. At SoundVision, we are sure to always stay up to date with all that is new in the industry. How do we do this? Constant training.

SoundVision Security Training

At least once a month, we have onsite manufacturer training in our office. Representatives from a variety of tech companies will come in and hold training sessions for our entire team. They teach us about the newest products they offer. We learn how to use them, their capabilities, how to install them, and any questions customers may have about the product. By the end of these sessions, any member of our team could tell you anything you would like to know about the latest products.

Technologies Training

Members of our team attend seminars put on by others in the industry on a regular basis. This is another way to ensure that we know about the latest technologies as soon as they are available. We also watch webinars whenever relevant to learn about technologies online without having to attend events in person.


Our team is always present at trade shows when possible. This is a great way for us to view the products that are just coming out, or will be out in the near future. From here, we are able to see which of these products and services would be useful to our clients and would fit into our company’s standards.We try to have representatives present at any big industry event. For example, every year we attend Cedia, a residential technology trade show held down in San Diego. This is a huge opportunity for us to learn about the latest and greatest in residential technology and connect with other leaders in the industry.


We are also a member of the Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA). This group consists of the top residential audio and video companies in the country. Twice a year, all members of HTSA and over 100 vendors get together for a spring and fall conference. At this event, we discuss new and old products, share experiences, and work together to see what products and systems work best for our clientele. This is a great opportunity to see how similar companies are performing and build relationships that will benefit us in the future.

In our industry, it is pivotal for us to remain up to date with every new technology. We always try to do an excellent job as a team of staying informed. To learn about the latest technologies or to see them in use in our showroom, give us a call or set up a meeting!