Lighting Design for the Best User Experience

Lighting Design can be compared to gourmet cooking in a sense. If you use a variety of ingredients with the appropriate balance, you can create an amazing dish. If you use only a few ingredients, however, you could end up with something bland and unexciting.

Much the same can happen when deciding which light fixtures to use, and where. Too many or too little of a certain type can throw off the balance of a room, or even an entire house, resulting in a bland and unremarkable living experience.

When we design the plans for a lighting system, we take into account how you’re going to use your home. We eliminate the need to walk from light switch to light switch in order to illuminate a room at any given time of day, and we concentrate on controlling spaces rather than individual lights.

Your interaction with your home should be intuitive, easy, and a joy to experience.

Lutron RadioRA 2

The RadioRA 2 system is made up of several components that spread wireless control of your lights, motorized shades, and thermostats throughout your home. The majority of your lights are connected to dimmers so that not only can you control which areas receive light, but the amount of light for each area. This allows you to set the mood of your spaces, even for different times of day.

RadioRa 2 is ideal for new constructions and restorations in houses up to around 7,500 square feet, and offers tremendous flexibility for customizing your lighting and shading systems.

Controlling all of your lights, shades, and thermostats on one platform provides the ultimate ease-of-use experiences. The best integrated home control system is the one you barely have to think about.

This is a Lutron seeTouch Keypad which we program to control groups of lights and scenes, and allows you to dim them as well.
Lutron Dimmers hidden away in a pantry closet. These are the physical dimmers attached to the lights throughout the house and are controllable wirelessly.

SoundVision is the premiere installer for Lutron RadioRA 2, HomeWorks QS, and Lutron Shading systems in the San Francisco bay area. We specialize in integrating Lutron with Control4 in order to deliver the ultimate convenience, specially designed for your needs and your life.

An example of under-cabinet lighting used to highlight art on a set of shelves.

See all of the amazing components available for the RadioRA 2 system.

Call or send us a message today to make an appointment to come see our showroom where we have several examples of Lutron RadioRa 2, Lutron Shades, and Control4 control systems installed and ready for you to experience. Our goal is to get you as excited as we are about these fantastic products.

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