The Benefits of Remote Service Calls

Service calls cost you money, and they cost us money. There’s no avoiding the problem, though.

With the large number of systems installed in any given house, it is inevitable that some device might need to be rebooted. Your Wi-Fi might go down. One day, for some reason, your remote control stops working on your favorite TV. We see it with projects every now and again, and we are prepared to handle these situations when they crop up with a dedicated service department.

The most common problems are solved by rebooting equipment. We now have the ability to remotely reboot devices and possibly save you time and money on service calls.

So many products that we work with are connected to networks. This gives us the ability to have a great deal of control over the devices, lights, shades, and temperatures of our homes. This also affords us (you, the customer as well as SoundVision) the ability to possibly troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair any issue without having to make a costly visit.

Remote Service with OvrC

OvrC (pronounced oversee) is a tool that allows us to monitor your network, WattBox outlets, and home control systems in order to diagnose any problems over the phone. If there happened to be an issue such as a TV not turning on, or there was an issue with the Wi-Fi, we could view your systems on OvrC and try to find a way to fix the problem without the costly service visit. This could also result in getting your control systems back in working order much quicker.

This map is an overview of SoundVision’s customers who have OvrC installed in their homes. Each circle represents the number of customers in that area. As we zoom in, we see individual customers and installations like in the next image.
This image shows the SoundVision building and lets us know that there are devices that may need some attention. Needing attention doesn’t necessarily mean a device is down; it could mean that there are firmware updates available.

OvrC also allows us to monitor the health of your network and potentially see problems before they affect you. We typically design OvrC into our projects for this very reason.

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SoundVision designs projects with the end in mind, meaning that we think ahead in order to set everyone up for success. If and when those small issues pop up in the future, we aim to solve them as quickly and painlessly as possible.

This is just one of the many ways we strive to improve your life and the experience you have living in your home. Call or write us today to learn more.

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