3 Overlooked Benefits of Home Automation

Convenience, lower energy costs, remote video monitoring and surveillance are just some of the benefits that homeowners associate with Home Automation. These features alone should be enough to convince you to automate your home with the latest and greatest technology.

However, if you’re still on the fence about starting a Home Automation project, take a look at these 3 often overlooked benefits.

ipad integration, home automation

ipad integration, home automation

1. Furniture & Floor Fade.

Automated shades can cut down on the harmful UV rays that the sun emits into your home on a daily basis. Moreover, you can program your Automated shades to close and open according to the placement of the sun, thus protecting your fine furniture and hardwood flooring from all of the negative aspects that sunlight brings to the decor.

Click here to see automated shades in action.

2. Integrated Control of All Home Systems
Home Automation brings together all of the home control systems that were traditionally separate [climate control, lighting, security, etc]. By integrating all of these  home systems into one automated environment, you are essentially creating a single network for home control. This marriage of separate systems now offers a new lifestyle of convenience and efficiency that would not be possible otherwise.


3. Remote Control Saves you time = $$$$
Remote control [from your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device] is one of the biggest, and most often overlooked benefits of Home Automation technology. Having the ability to arm, disarm or monitor your home security system remotely, while you are away from your home, is priceless. Imagine the time you would save by not having to return home because you forgot to set the alarm, or being able to disarm your system remotely so your neighbor can get in to feed your cat when you are on vacation? How about the ability to monitor and set the thermostat in your home remotely? This would come in handy if you needed to adjust the temperature in your home when you are away.


As you can see, the benefits to Home Automation are far reaching and go beyond the most obvious benefits. I would love to have  past home automation customers share their thoughts and perhaps they have stumbled across an overlooked benefits that others might enjoy hearing about.

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