5 Reasons Why We Love Pandora Internet Radio

Here at SoundVision HQ we all agree that Pandora is one of the best ways to get our daily music fix.  We assembled our top 5 reasons why it’s among our preferred choices for internet radio.

1. Intelligent, Personalized Radio StationsPandora Interface Pandora radio puts the control in your hands by giving you the ability to create your own personalized music stations based on your favorite artists. The Pandora software analyzes your artist preferences to produce a completely individualized station. The detailed musical analysis stems from the results of the Music Genome Project. According to Pandora the Music Genome Project was started to“Capture the complex musical DNA of songs using a large team of highly-trained musicians.”As far as control, Pandora allows users to pause or skip songs. There’s also the ability to give a song or artist a thumbs up or thumbs down and even bookmark songs for future reference. For those that want even more options, Pandora has advanced features for combining multiple stations, adding variety, deleting songs from a station, and even sharing a station with a friend.
2. Its Free That’s right; Pandora is indeed a free service. However, there are few upgrade options available for those that want even more advanced features. The free service limits its users to 40 hours a month. If you happen to go over 40 hours, it only costs $.99 to receive unlimited listening for the remainder of that calendar month. Not a bad deal considering their vast library of artist and songs.For $36/year you can also upgrade to Pandora One. This upgrade features unlimited listening hours, zero advertising and higher quality streams.
3. Mobile Music If you’re looking for music on the go, Pandora is a terrific option. Imagine having an entire library of music on your smartphone without the hassle of syncing  hundreds of hours worth of music. With Pandora, it’s all streamed and works with most current smartphones including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and much more. Here’s a full list of compatible phones.
4. Easy Home Theater Integration Pandora radio isn’t just tied to computers or phones. These days, Pandora is available on a staggering array of devices. Some of the most popular devices include iPads, Blu-Ray players, Sonos audio systems, internet-ready receivers, and much more. Each device makes great use of Pandora’s intuitive interface and control options. Here’s a full list of compatible devices.
5. Artist ProfilesArtist Profile Users get access to bios, pictures, and discographies for artists played on Pandora.  This is a neat little feature for anyone wanting to get a brief history lesson on any particular artist or album.  It’s a handy tool for discovering new artists as their played on your custom stations.Pandora is truly one of the best services out there for internet radio.  Between the large selection of devices that support it and the shockingly intelligent engine driving the software, Pandora radio is a service you take advantage of.

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