A Breakdown of Home Automation Interfaces

URC MX 980 RemoteAs home automation technology progresses the options for Home Automation interfaces has grown.  Choosing the right interface for your family can be a tricky decision to make. We’d like to explain some of the benefits of each type to help clear up any questions you may have and keep you well informed of the latest technologies.Wireless Remotes – Wireless remotes offer customers the comfort of a familiar method of control in an ultra portable package.  An infra red universal remote is perfectly suitable for a simple home entertainment system.  As the home automation needs grow an RF or WiFi capable remote like URC will be needed to expand the range and usage of features like shading or lighting control.Touch Panels – A touchscreen can offer much more flexibility, including video surveillance, additional control options, internet access, and complete customization.   They provide graphic based control that covers  a broad range of devices and systems. Touchpanels can come as wired or wireless.Crestron wired touchpanel

  • Wired –   Wired touchpanels are often installed in the wall at a central or convenient location of the home.  They can be used in conjunction with wireless touchpanels and keypads.
  • Wireless – Wireless touchpanels can move from room-to-room and offer the greatest amount of flexibility of any home control interface.  Like your cell phone or other portable devices it does need to be charged on a regular basis.  iPad and iPhone software developers are quickly taking note and creating a multitude of home control apps, to even further expand the capabilities of home control.  Click here to learn more about home automation apps on the iPad and iPhone.

Lutron Radio Ra2 KeypadKeypads  – Keypads are a simple, but cost effective type of interface that compliments homes needing intelligent lighting and shading control at multiple zones.  They can range from simple on/off switches to multiple options based on events (entertaining, dining, movies, etc).  With keypads you lose many advanced features, but they are extremely easy to operate and maintain.If you or someone you know would like more information on what you read here or have any questions, feel free to call our office at (415) 456-7000, send me an email or visit our website today.

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