Backyard Music 2015


With Summer just around the corner, what better place to entertain your guests than in your very own backyard, playing the perfect Summer soundtrack in the background?

Outdoor speakers have the potential to transform your yard into the family’s most popular spot this Summer. There are many types of outdoor speakers options to chose from, depending on the area they will be installed in.

The aesthetic appeal of your yard is important, the last thing you want is for the equipment to create an eye-sore. All of our speakers are discreet and able to blend in with the landscaping or trim of the home for limited aesthetic impact. All good outdoor speakers supply full-bodied sound and are durable throughout the elements. We have different options to best fit your style, need and budget.


Surface mounted speakers fit perfectly under the eaves of your home to provide quality sound to your patio, terrace or balcony. Surface mounted speakers are a simple, inexpensive and very popular solution. They come in black or white, and can be painted to match the home.


We can also place in-ceiling speakers in the boxed eaves of your home. They blend seamlessly with their surroundings and can be painted to match the home for effortless sound delivered to your backyard or patio.


Outdoor rock speakers are an affordable, yet durable solution to add music to your outdoor areas. Your speakers are able to go unnoticed in your garden or landscaping for a non-obtrusive look with full-bodied bass. Perfect if you have a large backyard and want sound projected over the entire area.


Landscape speakers are a sleek option that can be placed anywhere in your landscaping including pathways, poolside or even installed in a tree. Additionally you can chose to add a buried sub-woofer to improve the full-bodied sound.

Planning a pool party? We can connect your audio system to underwater pool speakers and underwater sub woofers, talk about non-stop music!

To deliver music to your outdoor speakers and throughout the home we turn to to our favorite music system, Sonos. Sonos allows full control of your music from anywhere in your home or yard right from your smartphone or tablet. Sonos even allows you to play different stations in each zone or group them all together when it’s party time.

Check out the bulk of music service apps you can stream instantly from your Sonos player!

Want total control of your music outside at all times? Make sure you have an outdoor WAP to ensure exceptional coverage throughout your backyard. We were able to provide excellent coverage to this San Francisco home despite the extreme amount of neighboring wireless networks in the area.

We have different options to best fit your style, need and budget so you can be singing your favorite summer jams all day & night long!