Battery Powered Roller Shades from Lutron

The SoundVision team recently installed a new shading product we think you will enjoy.

One of the most common words we hear is “wireless”.

Over the past few years, home integration has evolved and more systems have wireless communication capabilities. While communication and control can be accomplished wirelessly, devices still need power and this usually involves electrical wiring.

Lutron has recently introduced a true wireless, motorized shading system which they call the Sivoia QS Triathlon. The system consists of battery powered roller shades with wireless communication to Radio RA 2, and Homeworks QS control systems. This means we finally have a robust shading solution with no wiring needed.

Lutron’s shading solutions have been known for years for the silent motor operation and the Triathlon’s are no different. Not only are the motors quiet, they are efficient; battery life is expected to be between three and five years with normal usage.

The roller shade pocket for the Triathlon series has been designed with a fabric wrapped housing and a wide range of shade fabrics to produce an elegant solution for retrofit applications without having to cut holes in walls or ceilings to run wires; of course it can also be used in new construction applications as well.

The Triathlon shading line brings elegance, ease of use, and ease of installation together.

Here is how they install:

Step 1, Install Bracket

Step 2, Insert Batteries

Step 3, Install shade in bracket

Ready to program

Here is a link to Lutron’s info:

Please contact us for more information on this exciting new product.


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