BEST TVs: SoundVision Recommendations

At SoundVision we’re all about bringing you the very best in electronics, so here is what we like to consider when choosing a TV for your home?

  • Brand name/reliability
  • Picture quality
  • Size
  • Special features

Here are some of our trusted favorites that we recommend time and time again…


Sony’s are a favorite here at SoundVision. They provide crystal clear picture quality you have to see to believe. Sony is now using TRILUMINOS picture processing technology (quantum dot technology) to enhances all colors, delivering a noticeably richer color performance. With this technology, and Dynamic Edge back lighting, the black levels are increased for better contrast and color vibrancy for  your viewing pleasure.

We highly recommend the XBR850B 4K (Ultra HD) series, which offers 49” 55” 65” and 70” models.  All HD content is scaled to 4K Ultra HD for amazing picture quality, and when we start seeing more 4K content they will look even better!

We have recently upgraded to the 65” XBR 850B in our own conference room. There’s a noticeable difference and every one in our crew has something to say about it, it is truly awesome! Your welcome to visit our showroom and see the difference for yourself.


Samsung is another trusted brand we use often, and another favorite at SoundVision. Samsung also has 4K UHD picture quality displaying 4 times the resolution of high definition standards and their most lifelike picture quality to date.

Our Samsung TV of choice is the HU8550 Series. Samsung offers Smart TV capabilities for instant access to movies, social media and easy access to apps like Netflix or Hulu. Similar to the Sony option, this series also offers really clear black levels and color enhancing technology.
We are extremely satisfied with these TVs and based on the feedback we’ve received our clients are too!

Another important aspect when searching for the perfect TV is SIZE, we wrote a blog to help you find the right size TV for your living space. If you’re considering another TV feel free to give us a call and we’ll happily give you our feedback.