Brian’s Corner: Staying Busy and Weathering the Recession

Welcome to the first edition of Brian’s Corner, our new recurring feature here on the SoundVision Blog with SoundVision Operations and Project Manager Brian Stang.  Brian will be blogging about various topics facing the custom installation industry.—Ed.

It’s no secret that the custom installation industry, and the construction industry as a whole, has faced significant challenges during the recent global economic recession. Like many of you, those of us at SoundVision strongly believe that the worst of our economic troubles are behind us, and we are beginning to see signs of growth once again.

During this recession, we saw companies of all sizes forced to trim employees or choose to not fill vacant positions as a way of reducing headcount. While we were not completely exempt from the need to scale our own workforce to meet a decline in demand, we also took this time as an opportunity to ramp up our marketing activities. But as we headed into this year, demand for our services continued to decline. It was then that we made the difficult decision to furlough most of our field technicians and office staff, reducing them to a part-time or on-call basis.

Often times, difficult organizational changes like these result in a drop in employee morale, and in turn, the quality of work to suffers. In the case of SoundVision, however, the exact opposite is true. Our Employees realized early on that maintaining the high quality of work that originally set us apart from other custom integrators was one of the primary keys to successfully weathering the economic storm and returning to the amount of active projects we saw in the past. During this time, we continued to add to our portfolio of completed projects, and added new Clients who were just as enthusiastically satisfied with our work as others that came before. It was truly an inspiration to see our Employees rising up and meeting the challenge in a time of adversity.

Since then, SoundVision’s business has continued to ramp up as we’ve moved through the first half of 2010, and we have returned 100 percent of our Employees to full-time status. It just goes to show that SoundVision is here to stay, successfully weathering the economic storm through which we just passed, and setting ourselves up for the future as things turn around.

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