Apprentice Technician


The Apprentice Technician is responsible for helping the Lead Technician install, service and calibrate SoundVision systems exactly as designed and documented. The main goal is to develop the skills and knowledge required to become a Lead Technician.


$50,000 – $55,000/year




  • Receive project documentation and gain a clear understanding of all project details.
  • Methodically work the SoundVision Project Process:
    • Review projects with Project Manager/Lead Technician to develop a full understanding of the project scope.
    • Review Work Orders (punch-lists/BOMs) to verify a clear understanding of all equipment and work to be performed.
    • Help verify BOM (Bill of Materials) is complete and ready for installation.
    • Ask for clarification or training on any punch-list items that are unfamiliar.
    • Accurately track time and materials required for punch-list tasks.
    • Request training from Lead Technicians on the SoundVision Body of Knowledge.
    • Help document variances and additional punch-list items required. Provide accurate details regarding their scope, materials required, and estimated time required.
    • Help verify project is done correctly and is fully documented at all phases.
    • Help document, explain, and receive authorization for all change orders.
    • Turn in all paperwork, fully complete and accurate, in a timely manner.
  • Foster an enthusiastic, creative, “can do” attitude.
  • Share the responsibility for the Company and department goals.
  • Develop a strong understanding of the SoundVision Body of Knowledge.


  • Proactive, flexible team player who is comfortable working in a small company environment taking on a leadership role
  • Highly motivated, self-starter
  • Detail oriented and organized, with excellent time management skills
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Skilled in Excel, Word and Outlook.
  • Basic understanding of audio/video systems and use of power and hand tools.
  • Understanding of the construction process and the roles of the various construction professionals.


  1. Become clear on the project scope, installation requirements and details.
  2. Understand and help maintain a complete and thorough project file.
  3. Help verify that work orders are thorough, clear and accurate.
  4. Help load, deliver and document materials required and used for a project.
  5. Work daily punch-list items as assigned, reviewing punch-list item time “estimates” vs. “actuals” for discrepancies, and training with Lead Technicians on new or unfamiliar punch-list items.
  6. Prioritize and execute tasks assigned for maximum efficiency.
  7. Complete punch-list items assigned and update punch-lists with open items.
  8. Communicate variances from the original design criteria to the Lead Technician and Project Manager.
  9. Treat changes to a project with a sense of urgency.
  10. Document and communicate changes in design scope and time requirements to the Lead Technician/Project Manager.
  11. Responsible for thorough and complete paperwork (punch-lists, changes, materials used) on every project.
  12. Help maintain a clean, stocked van with all required tools and equipment..
  13. Maintain a clean and organized work space.
  14. Maintain a professional attitude and demeanor.
  15. Develop a strong understanding of SoundVision Methods and Practices.
  16. Develop a strong understanding of SoundVision Body of Knowledge.
  17. Develop an understanding of the SoundVision process.
  18. Responsible for researching new products, tools, and methods and evaluations.
  19. Participate in Company meetings and provides input that forwards company’s goals and objectives. This would be evidenced by active participation in meetings that showed forward thinking.
  20. Responsible for the safety of crew members as well as being watchdogs for all company operations.
  21. Seek out training and course work for professional advancement and Industry Technology.


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