The Lead Designer is responsible for keeping the schedule and pipeline full with SoundVision target projects. They work with Project Management to verify partners are added to the database and followed up with regularly.


$100,000 – $200,000/year




  • Develop and maintain relationships with industry professionals.
  • Follow up with existing clients to verify expectations are exceeded as well as determine additional ways we can add value.


  • Complete understanding of SoundVision systems and what is required to install them.
  • Extensive understanding of the residential construction process.
  • Organized, with excellent time management skills.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent people skills.


  1. Follow up with clients (4 per month minimum) who have shopped and/or purchased our systems/services to determine what aspects of our services they found most valuable and ways we can improve on the value we provide.
  2. Develop and maintain relationships with colleagues in the building/design industry such that they are willing to refer their clients to SoundVision.
    1. Call on architects, interior designers, lighting designers and builders.
    2. Regularly attend industry association meetings. (AIA, ASID, NARI, NAHB, etc.)
    3. Organize and present standard SoundVision presentations to relevant industry associations. (AIA, ASID, NARI, NAHB, etc)
    4. Organize and present “Lunch and Learn” meetings at SoundVision for trade professionals.
  3. Interview and work with potential clients.
    1. Meet with prospective clients, explain the SoundVision process, and perform a thorough “needs analysis.”
    2. Make recommendations for potential solutions and budgets. Helps clients narrow down their budgets and “wish list.”
    3. Review project scope and estimated budget with clients. Help clients understand the impact of their decisions on the final outcome of the project and their future lifestyle.
    4. Summarize options and obtain design retainer from qualified clients.
    5. Provide detailed client requirement documentation to engineering.
    6. Review system designs received from the Engineers for completion, accuracy, functionality and fulfillment of client requirements.
    7. Document any changes to the original design, review final system design with engineering and obtain project contract/deposit from client.
    8. Clearly communicate all relevant details to the Project Managers.
  4. Understand current design options:
    1. Research and understand relevant technologies related to SoundVision services.
    2. Research new products, attend trainings and involve Engineers, Project Managers and Installers.
    3. Understand HVAC Control and interfacing HVAC
    4. Understand pool control systems and interfacing capacity
    5. Understand networking and IP control of various systems.
    6. Understand integration for control of various other systems including security, access control, window treatments, A/V, etc.
    7. Understand electronic and control apparatus with a clear understanding of their capabilities and limitations.
    8. Understand phone and cable distribution.
    9. Understand CCTV systems.
    10. Is familiar with equipment being installed and is able to recommend appropriate equipment to meet or exceed requirements and client expectations.
    11. Observe the function of installed equipment or systems to detect hazards and need for adjustments, relocation, or replacement.
  5. Teamwork and interpersonal relations
    1. Demonstrate good judgment in respecting the confidentiality of customer, team member and company information.
    2. Seek guidance and direction in the performance of responsibilities and duties, as necessary.
    3. Work well with all others in positions of authority.
    4. Maintain cooperative working relationship with Team Members.
    5. Promote a high degree of morale and spirit of motivation within the department and the company. This includes the degree of cooperation, communication and coordination between this function and other managers and team members.
    6. Demonstrate ability to tactfully handle difficult situations.
    7. Maintain effective, professional communications with customer. Relate well with customer concerns and act on them.
    8. Perform, in an enthusiastic manner, any other tasks and duties that may from time to time be assigned.
    9. Consistently show ability to recognize and deal with priorities.
    10. Maintain a well-groomed appearance, in order to present a favorable, professional image of the company.
  6. Perform all duties in an independent manner with minimal direction and supervision.
    1. Recognize and perform duties which need to be performed although not directly assigned – assist others as needed.
  7. Subscribe to the motto of “Whatever it takes to get the job done right.”
  8. Perform all tasks with a high level of efficiency and understanding of “The SoundVision Way.”


Our goal is to attract the best people in the industry with the best jobs and work environment in the world. If you feel like you’re an “A“ Player, please apply below and let us know more about you.


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