Tools and Training

All SoundVision employees remain up to date on the latest technologies as they enter the market. We hold frequent manufacturer training from our top suppliers to teach our team all there is to know about new products. This includes learning all the features of the product, how it is installed, and how to answer any questions a client may have about the product. We have held manufacturer training from a number of companies including Savant, C4, Lutron, URC, Luma, and Samsung.

Our warehouse stays stocked and organized at all times. Everything is easily accessible and accounted for, making it easy for employees to find what they need without any unnecessary wasted time. Our organized warehouse system allows shipments to be ordered and stocked without any issues or problems.

SoundVision is a member of HTSA, the Home Technology Specialists of America. This exclusive member owned group was created to help dealers understand the best practices and technologies in the industry. Twice a year, all members of HTSA and over 100 vendors get together for a spring and fall conference. At this event, we discuss new and old products, share experiences, and work together to see what products and systems work best for our clientele. This is a great opportunity to see how similar companies are performing and build relationships that will benefit us in the future. SoundVision has also been a CE-Pro Top 100 company since 2004, making us one of the highest revenue custom installation companies in the industry. This certification also leads vendors to us, giving us first access to the latest and greatest technologies.

Our employees are given a company credit card to use on tools and supplies. We allow our employees to purchase equipment they believe will improve their work without permission. We are constantly buying new tools to give our team the best available resources. Our vans are new and fully stocked with all necessary tools to complete a project. Our printers allow us to print design plans and blueprints in house. All employees are also given a company phone for personal use and are given a computer and test equipment based on the position.