Work Environment

Our goal at SoundVision is to create the best work environment in the industry for our employees. We want our team to wake up every morning excited to come into work. We work hard to make sure all SoundVision employees have everything they need to excel in their field. We want our employees to be the most talented in the industry, and have created a work environment to attract and retain this talent.

At SoundVision you will be surrounded by the latest and greatest technology, a solid cohesive team, and an enthusiastic work environment constantly pushing you to think outside the box and grow as a team member. We live by our business philosophy, and both our mission and vision statement apply to nearly every aspect of the work we do.

In order to allow our clients to view our new and innovative products, we have created a state of the art showroom in our office. Our demo room includes some of our hidden TV options, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and sub woofers, our wallpaper TV, and more. We have further products throughout the office, such as TV’s in our reception and bathroom mirrors, and complete automation of our office music, lighting, AV systems, security, and shades. This allows our employees to show off our great products, while using them first hand and gaining a better understanding of our systems.

As a company, we take pride in being a close group of employees who have grown our bonds over the years. We have frequent company events to help strengthen our relationships as an organization and to grow closer to one another. Throughout each year we hold a number of company cocktail events, barbecues, and bowling nights. Our employees look forward to our annual Christmas party for months. Having a tight knit group such as ours makes work more enjoyable and creates a comfortable work environment.

Our office kitchen has a fully stocked drink fridge as well as a high-end latte machine and an array of snack options. We play music through our office sound system through the day to keep the mood upbeat and positive, and have company lunches every Friday to end the week together on a good note.

Our team is always given recognition for a job well done. We all want to see each other succeed, and you be acknowledged when you have gone above and beyond in your work. All of our employees are treated with the upmost respect and always feel like part of the team. Once you join the SoundVision team, you are more than just an employee: you become part of our family.