CEPro Announces 2009 Top Products List

CEPro_TopProductsThis week’s frigid temperatures around the Bay Area were reminder enough that the holiday season is upon us, and 2010 is just around the corner! We’re seeing lots of “products of the year” lists being published this time of year, but of particular interest to us here at SoundVision was the 2009 Top Products List published by the editors at CEPro Magazine.The editors included several Blu-ray Disc players in this year’s list of top products, including models from Sony, Pioneer and LG. With the format war of 2007 and 2008 behind us, Blu-ray really grew as the preferred way to watch movies at home in 2009. Prices on these players continue to fall, giving customers even more reason to include them as part of their new home theater or media system. Most new Blu-ray players also include Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections to your home’s broadband network, unleashing a myriad of online content such as BD-Live enhancements, Netflix video on demand, photo sharing, YouTube and more.On the remote control side, CEPro gave top honors to Universal Remote Control’s (URC) MX-980 remote, which we’re frequently recommending to customers over similar URC remote models. The MX-980 improves on the MX-900 and MX-900i by including a rich, full-color LCD screen with radio frequency technology, allowing you to operate equipment in a separate location or behind closed cabinet doors. The MX-980’s charging cradle and rechargeable batteries is another significant benefit over the MX-900 series.For more information about all the products featured in CEPro’s list of the Top Products of 2009, head over to the CEPro website.

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