Comcast Xfinity X1 Upgrade – Remote control re-programming required!

Comcast is upgrading customers to their X1 operating system.  The X1 system has a lot of new features including:

  • Advanced searching features
  • On-demand streaming
  • Remote viewing from your smartphone or tablet
  • Gaming, voice control, and more.

At first the new X1 boxes were “buggy” and we were not sure they were a good idea. Now it looks like they have most of the bugs worked out, and the new platform is getting some rave reviews.

This upgrade requires all the cable boxes in the house to be replaced with the new X1 boxes, and any universal remote controls will need to be reprogrammed.

Also, the new X1 boxes feature the skip forward/skip back commands we are used to, however… they skip 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds. We have found a “Hack” that resets the skip function to 30 seconds.  This code should setup the box to skip ahead / replay 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes.  Here is the sequence of button presses that you will send using the original X1 remote to the DVR in an X1 system:

exit, exit, exit, 0,0,3,0

It is our understanding that there is no confirmation from the box or indication that the change has occurred, you will need to manually test and repeat to make sure the change worked. This code should only need to be done on the primary DVR and should fix all the boxes on the system.

If you have any questions, or you need our help, please give us a call at 415-456-7000.