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Brick and Bottle Restaurant Corte Madera

Brick and Bottle Restaurant Corte Madera

When you’re outfitting your business with the latest in entertainment and audio technologies, what you really want is a system that is cleanly designed, simple to use, and is robust and reliable to withstand the rigors of daily use. In the Bay Area, the one company that gives you what you really want and what your business really needs is SoundVision.

Commercial Distributed Audio

Setting the right mood in your business for your clients, guests and employees is easy when you put a high-performance distributed audio system from SoundVision to work in your business. We’re proud to feature top brands in the commercial audio industry, such as: KLIPSCH, SPEAKERCRAFT, B&W OR SONANCE.

Whether you’re looking for in-ceiling, in-wall or outdoor speakers, SoundVision has a solution that will meet your budget and exceed your expectations.

Make your business the go-to place during major sports and other events with a SoundVision media system. As an authorized dealer for some of the top brands in the industry, SoundVision is the perfect choice for your project. With their clean lines and outstanding reliability, our lineup of professional plasma and LCD high-definition flat panel displays are a great fit for your business. SoundVision also installs all supporting equipment together in a back room or other area, making your system simple to control and easy on the eyes.

Conference Room Systems

Bring your office’s conference room up to date with the latest in media systems from SoundVision. Whether it’s a high performance flat-panel LCD or plasma display, high-definition projector and screen, motorized window shading system or a combination of all three, SoundVision is the perfect choice to give you what you really want.

When you tie this conference room technology together and control it from a Crestron touch-panel, you’ll discover the joy of having a conference room that works with you every step of the way. Connect your laptop computer to a port in the conference table, press a button on a touchpanel and sit back and watch as your projector turns on and selects the correct input, the projection screen automatically lowers, lights dim and motorized shades lower across windows to block out light streaming in from outside. It’s possible with an integrated conference room solution from SoundVision.


SoundVision Conference Room

SoundVision Headquarter’s Novato, CA Conference Room

Commercial Audio and Video Solutions by SoundVision

Commercial Audio and Video Solutions by SoundVision

Commercial Video Systems

Commercial, Corporate and Business Video Systems are on the rise as Hotels, Restaurants and Businesses strive to bring the latest news and information to their customers and clients. For more information about integrating a SoundVision media system into your business, call us at (415) 456-7000 or email us today.

Video Systems for Restaurants

Business Video Systems

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