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TV Lift Foot of Bed w Manual Swivel
Not all of our clients want electronics to distract from their home decor.  In my opinion, it makes a huge difference to have the option to hide your TV with just the touch of a button.  Fortunately there are some extremely cool options for making your TV vanish.

Motorized Lift at Foot of Bed

Installing a motorized lift or mount is one.  This gives your TV the ability to move.  It can pivot, tilt pan and disappear entirely into the ceiling, wall or cabinetry.  We can work with your builder, interior designer or cabinet maker to set this up pretty much anywhere;  The cabinet at the foot of your bed,  for example, or we can set the TV up to come out of the wall or ceiling.  Even your outside TV can ascend from somewhere near the pool, hot tub or BBQ.  Anywhere you want, we can make it happen

Motorized Lift at Foor of Bed

Motorized Lift in Family Room


Another option is to have a Mirror TV installed.  The first time I saw one of these I couldn’t wait to set one up in the office to demo.  While turned on, you have an HDTV with stunning picture quality. Turn it off and you simply have a very elegant and impressive looking mirror.  The installation is extremely easy.  These can be mounted anywhere from the living room the bathroom, surface mouned or recessed depending on your décor.

The third alternative is covering your TV with artwork when it’s not in use.  A frame is installed around the TV and the artwork ascends or descends (scroll up or down) with the touch of a remote.


Any of these solutions would make a huge difference if you goal is to not have electronics showing when not in use.  Give us a call or stop in to talk about which of these would be the best fit for your home.

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