My Favorite System – By Scott Klein, SoundVision Technician

Until fairly recently, if you wanted different music sources playing throughout your house, a common solution was a 2 zone system configuration.  This gave you the ability to mirror music playing in the family room (where system is) to other rooms with in the house, or you could play something else entirely.  For example, with a 2 Zone system configuration you could watch a DVD in one room, and play music in the others.  The challenge we had with this particular configuration was that it is fairly limited.  If you were in a different room and wanted to switch what you were listening to, you would have to go all the way into the family room to change the source.  Additionally all of the rooms set up on Zone 2 have to be on the same source.  So, if someone was watching a movie in the family room and you were listening to Journey in another room, the other rooms could only listen to Journey (which might be ok, if you are a huge Journey fan).

Over the past couple years Sonos has been taking over the Job of Zone 2.  Sonos is a networked music system.  What this means to you is; you can now listen to your entire music library, internet radio, podcasts, etc. in any room of your home, even your backyard.  Unlike the 2 Zone system configuration, you can listen to whatever you want in whichever room you like, and you are no longer limited to two sources.  Sonos also allows you to control the source (Ipod, XM Radio, Spotify) and volume from within the room via your smartphone or iPad.  All that, without having to purchase an big expensive system

home theater system tiburon

home theater system tiburon


With Sonos you get a lot more flexibility and control than you ever got out of a 2 Zone System.  The good news is that you can easily replace your 2 Zone system by using your existing equipment and purchasing a Sonos Zone Player from SoundVision.  Because of the ease of installation and the flexibility of the Sonos system, this has become my favorite system to install.  It’s really great to see how excited our clients get about the Sonos system once they make the switch from a 2 Zone configuration.

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If you are currently only enjoying 2 zones in your house and you want more, give us a call.  I would love to come out and install my favorite system in your home.

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