Home Theater Upgrade in 6 Phases

This week we’d like to showcase a home theater upgrade from Mill Valley.  For this project the customer had us swap out an old CRT TV with a new high performance 50″ Samsung Plasma HDTV and a surround sound system upgrade.  Below, is an exclusive look at the installation broken down into 6 phases:Here is the modest home theater setup prior to the upgrade.

SoundVision Installation - Before

Phase 1: The first order of business was to clear out the old TV, AV gear, and shelving to make way for a more streamlined AV cabinet.

SoundVision Installation Phase 1

Phase 2: The next step was to place the Polk speakers and subwoofer in the cabinet for a compact, but well balanced system.  The cabinet also provides clean cable management for the speaker wire and cables.

SoundVision Installation Phase 2

Phase 3:Following the speakers placement, we placed the Wii game console, Denon turntable, Sony Blu-ray player and Comcast HD cable box in the cabinet for an easy connection to the receiver.

SoundVision Installation Phase 3

Phase 4: After all the cables were fished through the cabinet we wired them up to an Integra surround sound receiver.

SoundVision Installation Phase 4

Phase 5: The Samsung Plasma HDTV was then installed and the Wii motion sensor was mounted on top of the display.

SoundVision Installation Phase 5

Phase 6: The final step was to mount the acoustically transparent panel doors onto the cabinet for a clean finish.  The Universal Remote was then reprogrammed for simple operation, then the audio system and TV were calibrated for optimal performance.

SoundVision Installation Phase 6

Final result is a cleanly designed, robust and reliable, easy to use media system that fits into the room’s décor.

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