Inside SoundVision: “How Clean Is Your Van?” Challenge

SoundVision Clean Van

At SoundVision, maintaining a clean workspace is extremely important to us. It’s so important, in fact, that it’s on our list of 11 “SoundVision’s Rules of Engagement,” a contract that every SoundVision Employee signs on their first day with the Company.  For us, our vans aren’t just a means of getting from Point A to Point B, they’re also our workshop, tool shed and oh yeah… we also carry a flat-panel TV and associated gear in there from time to time as well. So it’s extremely important that they are constantly fully stocked with everything we might need on a job site and organized so we can find things when we need them. In order to encourage our Employees to make sure their vans are always up to par, SoundVision’s management team came up with the “How Clean is Your Van?” challenge. To the man with the cleanest van go the spoils: $200 in SoundVision Bucks to spend on the great electronics gear we sell. Our technicians spent time throughout the week tidying up their vans in preparation for the judging, which took place after one of the recent Friday all-Employee meetings and was led by SoundVision’s Scott Sullivan and Brian Stang.

The time our technicians spent getting ready for the challenge was clear that Friday morning, as it was an extremely tough competition for Scott and company to judge a clear winner. Some of the competition’s highlights included Scott Klein’s do-it-yourself cable spool holder, which he put together and installed on a weekend in order to keep the various spools of cable out of the way and in order. Jim Harberson’s highly-organized cab was also a big hit, and the back of the van wasn’t too shabby, either. When it was all said and done, all of our senior technicians walked away $200 SoundVision Bucks richer. Well done, team!Watch for future Inside SoundVision articles here on the SoundVision Blog for an inside look at how we do business here at SoundVision.


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