James Outdoor Landscape Speakers

Local speaker manufacturer James Loudspeakers (of Napa) offers a truly stunning line of outdoor landscape speakers that are designed to not only blend in with your garden, but also sound amazing.  Never before have we seen speakers that seamlessly integrate with landscaping this well and sound so perfect.  Here are a few of their options.
Satellite Speakers The James satellite speakers are the driving force behind the Landscape speaker line.  They are designed to resemble outdoor lighting and can easily be mounted in the ground, on the wall, or even on a tree.

James Satellite Speakers

3-Way Planter Speaker This attractive speaker is built into a teakwood planter box.  Its weather treated, sounds fantastic, and best of all it’s fully-functional as a planter box.

Subterranean Subwoofer the James line of subwoofers truly completes the outdoor entertainment environment.  This powerful subwoofer is built to be installed underground.

James Subterranean Subwoofer

Installing Outdoor Landscape speakers will ensure that your next BBQ will amaze your guests as the music seemingly emanates from the garden.

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