May 2012 Newsletter

In case you missed it, please check out our May 2012 Newsletter.

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This month we’re talking about BIG TV’S and the latest features they
bring to consumers. Click here to read more.

Screen Distance and Height Charts
Before you choose your high definition television, you must factor in
the space you have for the equipment. Use our handy Distance and
Height charts to assist you. Click here to read more.

The World Of Hidden Televisions
Occasionally we hear from customers who are interested in integrating
HDTVs into their living room, den, or bathroom, but are concerned
about a large TV shifting the focal point of the room in an
undesirable way. Check here to read more.

SoundVision’s Commercial Audio and Video Systems
When you’re outfitting your business with the latest in entertainment
and audio technologies, what you really want is a system that is
cleanly designed, simple to use, and is robust and reliable to
withstand the rigors of daily use. Click here to read more.


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