Media Rooms

Designing and installing state-of-the-art media rooms is the core of what we do at SoundVision. Media rooms are common living areas with a complete home entertainment system, usually including an LCD or plasma HDTV, a cable or satellite high-definition DVR, a 5.1-channel surround sound system, and a DVD or Blu-ray Disc players.

Simple & Usable

Keeping our systems simple to use is one of SoundVision’s guiding principles. Typically, our media room systems make use of a variety of different components, from HD DVRs to Blu-ray Disc and DVD players to audio/video receivers, each with their own remote control. SoundVision eliminates the clutter of multiple remote controls by installing a universal remote control system in every media room we build. These universal remotes operate using radio frequency technology, allowing us to centrally locate all of your system’s components in an equipment rack in another part of your home.

Make a SoundVision media room the centerpiece of your home. To schedule an initial design consultation, contact us today.
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