Motorized TV Lift

One of the best ways to hide your television is with a motorized lift. Motorized lift brackets can be mounted and programmed to rise from a custom built cabinet, or installed to drop down from the ceiling. Whatever your vision and needs are, SoundVision can make that vision become a reality. We have custom designed and installed many hidden television solutions for our customers.

Below is a video of a motorized tv lift hidden away in a custom-built cabinet. This particular motorized lift kit is from Nexus TV Lift Systems.

Here’s a pic from the same installation as the video above.

Motorized TV Lift

Another example of a motorized tv lift is a drop-down from the ceiling type mount. With this solution, there is no additional furniture with which to purchase, or have made. However the cost to mount into the ceiling will off-set any cost savings of not having to purchase a cabinet.


Hidden TV


Hidden Motorized TV Lifs

For more information, you can check out Nexus TV Lift System’s website:

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