New Features Coming to Comcast DVR Customers

Comcast XfinityComcast (which will soon be re-branding its cable TV, high-speed internet and digital phone services under the new name of Xfinity) is beginning to roll out a new version of its digital cable guide software to DVR customers. The new software brings a host of new features, including:

  • DVR folders: The guide software will automatically organize multiple episodes of the same series into folders, cleaning up the recorded shows list and making it easier to find your favorite episodes.
  • DVR Search and Record: Now you can set up “wish lists” based on actors, keywords or titles and your DVR will automatically record programs for you.
  • Remote DVR scheduling: Customers with Comcast high-speed internet service and a username can now log into “MyDVR Scheduler” and set DVR recordings and manage series recordings from a web browser, or using the Comcast Mobile app for iPhone and iPod touch.

For more information and to download a printable user guide, head over to the New Guide page on the Comcast website. Your DVR box will download the new software automatically in the overnight hours over the next few weeks, and the new software is expected to be activated in early March.

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