New Product Testing – Robotic Bartenders to 4K/Ultra HD TV

At SoundVision we are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and products. I am continually looking at trade magazines, meeting with manufacturers, and listening to friends and clients to find lifestyle enhancing technology that is truly ready to integrate into the homes of our clients. In order to ensure these new products are ready, we first test everything we sell in our demo room and in employee’s homes.

When we first came across the Sonos music system years ago, it wasn’t quite ready. The manufacturer still had some bugs to work out both on the hardware side and the user interface. Of course, Sonos continued to improve their product and now it is one of our most popular offerings. We are still looking at other products in this category, but so far nothing comes close to the reliability, depth of content, and ease of use that Sonos offers.

We are currently keeping our eyes on the new ultra-high definition (UHD or 4k resolution) and Organic LED (OLED) display technologies as well as content sharing products such as Google’s Chromecast both of which are currently being heavily marketed. Our current assessment is that these all still need a bit of work before they will meet the high standards of SoundVision clients (I’ll be writing more on these in future posts).

We will also be keeping our eye on this robotic bartender ( which features app control, detailed descriptions and history of drinks before you order, and even recommendations based on personal preferences. Initially, two models will be available with either four or eight beverage “pumps”. They are only taking pre-orders at this point either on their website or on Kickstarter ( so we haven’t been able to put it through our rigorous testing process…

What products or technologies have caught your attention this year? A new streaming service, new app, or a new security or access control product? Send us an email, we’d like to know.


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