Outdoor Music – Springtime

Outdoor music can transform your outdoor living area. There are a variety of outdoor speaker types that we can use to create great sound without being an eyesore. Here are some ways that SoundVision can help enhance your outdoor living spaces.

Landscape Speakers

Landscape speakers come in a wide variety of styles. These speakers are mimicking the form factor of outdoor lighting and are designed to blend in with your landscaping.

Landscape Speaker

In addition to the landscape speakers, you may also add a buried sub-woofer. Sub-woofers create the bass that makes the music sound rich and full. The subterranean sub-woofer noted below is buried with the port exposed to minimize the aesthetic impact.

Landscape Subwoofer

Outdoor Landscape Subwoofer and Speaker


You may wish to add inexpensive “Rock” style outdoor speakers to add music in outdoor areas. These sound quite good, and when hidden by landscape they can blend in and disappear into the background.

SpeakerCraft Rock Speakers


You may wish to add speakers to a structure [wall, gazebo or pergola]. In this case you would choose the type of speaker you see below. These speakers come in black or white, and the white speakers can be painted to match the decor.

Wall Mounted Speaker


In order to get music to these speakers, you will want to have SONOS Players installed. These little boxes allow you to listen to whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. They allow for simple control of your house music from a free app on your smartphone or tablet..

Sonos Network Music System

We’re excited to hear all about the ideas you have for your outdoor music system. Please contact us to get started.

Until next time,

Scott Sullivan

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