Residential Systems

Our years of award-winning design and expert installations allow us to bring you home entertainment experiences more amazing than you thought possible through our many residential systems.

Home Theater and Media Systems

Whether it’s a big TV or a dedicated HD or 3D theater room, all of our systems are tailored to meet your budget, fit seamlessly with your home’s existing décor and exceed your expectations.



Audio Systems

Speakers are placed inconspicuously in ceilings, walls, custom cabinetry or on bookshelves. Systems we install allow you to enjoy music centrally stored on a music server, from your iPod, an iTunes library, satellite radio and even streaming music like Pandora and Spotify. We offer a variety of control options from wall-mounted volume controls to wireless touchpanels and even your mobile phone or tablet.


Home Networking

Our designers will work with you to develop a wiring plan that is not only ready the demands of today’s network devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, DVD players, TVs, etc., but will also be ready for you”re business in the future as technology continues to advance.


Exterior Security Cameras


Surveillance Cameras and Security Alarms

SoundVision connects and secures your entire home by integrating our top of the line security products into other automated systems.  These systems can all be easily controlled from anywhere using your smartphones and tablets, giving you instant feedback and total control.


Energy Management System in Tiburon

Lighting Systems

Control lights in multiple zones from wall-mounted keypads, in-wall touchpanels or wirelessly from devices like your smartphone or tablet. Imagine pressing a single button marked entertain that sets the perfect lighting to showcase your home or, light up the driveway on your way home. Our highly certified team of experts will put together an automated lighting system that is ideal for your lifestyle.


Motorized Window Shades and Energy Management

Ultra quiet and available in hundreds of different styles & fabrics, these shading systems provides a clean and elegant finish to your windows. Program your motorized shades to raise at sunrise and lower at sunset. Or, with the touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet you can open, shut or change the position of your window coverings from anywhere. Window shades can reduce home energy usage and protect the interior of your home from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


SoundVision iPad Interface

Remote Monitoring and Control via Internet, Smartphones and Tablets

    • Home Theater Control
    • Surveillance Camera Control
    • Alarm System Control
    • Lighting System Control
    • Temperature Control
    • Pool & Spa Control
    • Access Control
    • Motorized Shade Control
    • Audio Video Control