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SoundVision takes the time to select some of the most reliable, high-performance products in the world for our clients. Our systems are built to bring you many years of pleasure.

We know, however, that service issues may arise. If you have any equipment trouble, expert help is just a phone call or email away.

To reach our service coordinator and schedule a time for a technician to take care of any issues, call us at (415) 456-7000 during our normal business hours.

The SoundVision Service Advantage

Our technicians are among the best in the industry. No other firm invests as much into training their staff as we do. Our service team members have thousands of hours of experience and education, and they continually update their knowledge of the latest technologies through manufacturer training and in-house learning sessions.


SoundVision has developed all programming in-house and is able to address all our client’s programming needs in-house.

Only the Best Equipment

SoundVision uses only reliable, brand-name equipment, both in original setup as well as service after your installation.

SoundVision guarantees our system installation and programming for life from the substantial completion date of your installation. Additionally, all equipment is covered according to the manufacturer’s warranty for each product.