The Frame TV: TV That Looks Great On and Off

65" Samsung Frame TV above the fireplace displaying artwork. Viewed from the perspective on the couch.

65″ Samsung Frame TV with White Frame

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Bowers and Wilkins 7″ High Performance Woofers

CCM7.5 S2

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Sonos Sub out of view

Pairs with ceiling speakers

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soundvision collection

Where TV and Aesthetics Meet

The classic disagreement: the husband wants a home theater and the wife wants a beautifully designed room. The Frame TV allows everyone to win! Instead of a dark rectangle on the wall, The Frame TV displays any artwork you choose while it’s off. The TV checks the ambient light so that the brightness is always natural. But when it’s time to get the family together for a movie, the art goes away and instantly becomes a TV! The experience doesn’t stop there. Four Bowers and Wilkins’ speakers in the ceiling brings uniform sound throughout the room without seeing a single speaker!