The Latest in Ultra-Thin Technology: The Wallpaper TV

From an idea to a reality… the Wallpaper TV is now here. This new product, with the unique technology of the OLED TV is the thinnest television available on the market. With a depth of just over 1/8 of an inch, this TV blends smoothly into any wall and is nearly invisible when viewed from the side. It’s picture-on-wall design allows it to lay virtually flat on the surface it is mounted on, making it seemingly disappear onto the wall. This television can be professionally mounted to the wall by locking two upper keyhole segments into a mounted metal plate, which is magnetized at the lower corners. This allows for a sturdy design to accommodate such a thin TV. Even with a mount, this television has an astonishing depth of less than 1/4 inch. This television’s sleek design is visually appealing, whether in use or turned off, and will minimize the aesthetic impact on the room.

OLED technology uses pixels that turn on and off individually, allowing for beautifully contrasted colors. This means you will the see most vibrant colors and the purest black for them to come alive against. The vast range of colors shown virtually matches the range of hues seen in today’s top of the line cinemas, making every view a breathtaking experience. With active HDR (high dynamic range) and ultra HD picture (4K), the quality you will see is top of the line. This TV supports Dolby Vision™, which optimizes the picture quality scene by scene, showing you the best quality options regardless of the picture being viewed. This quality can be seen from anywhere in the room, whether you are sitting right in front or viewing from the side.

Available in the 65 or 77 inch form, you will not find a better option for a simply designed and visually appealing television.

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