The World of Hidden Televisions

Occasionally we hear from customers who are interested in integrating HDTVs into their living room, den, or bathroom, but are concerned about a large TV shifting the focal point of the room in an undesirable way.   Situations like this are great candidates for hidden televisions.


A common request for hidden TVs comes from homeowners who have a fireplace in their living room.  Simply mounting a bulky TV above the fireplace has the potential to disrupt the ambiance or charm of the room.  This calls for a bit of creativity and this is where Artscreens really shine.  Imagine, instead of a TV mounted front and center, there’s a framed reprint from your favorite artist.   When it comes time for your favorite show a simple click of a button on your wireless remote triggers the canvas to roll up and unmasks a fully functional 1080p display. Artscreen manufacturer, Vutec offers an impressive library of fine art canvases and frames to choose from.

VisionArt Artscreen installed by SoundVision

This is an Artscreen installation montage illustrating how the canvas rolls up to reveal an LCD display.


Motorized Original Art BEFORE

Hidden Televisions by SoundVision SF

Motorized Original Art AFTER

Hidden Original Art Television



Motorized Wall Mirror hidden tv solution


Motorized Wall Mirror hidden tv solution


Another option that’s touted as the cutting edge of technology and style is the Seura line of TV Mirrors.  TV mirrors are an innovative concept that merges a mirror and an LCD TV together into one unit.  The LCD display is actually contained within the mirror and becomes completely invisible when powered off.  We find that this is another great solution for home theater enthusiasts interested in maintaining their home’s aesthetic appeal while utilizing the latest home entertainment technology.  Alternatively, TV Mirrors can offer a slick solution to bringing a slice of the home theater experience to a bathroom or bedroom with a minimal footprint.

Hidden TV Mirror BEFORE

Suera hidden television over fireplace

Hidden TV Mirror AFTER

Suera hidden television over fireplace

Seura TV Mirror

An example of a Seura TV mirror installed in a bathroom


Motorized TV Lifts

Every so often we hear from customers who want their TVs completely hidden without a trace.  In this scenario we often utilize Auton motorized TV lifts.  With motorized lifts installed, customers have the ability to extend, lower, and swivel their TV from within a cabinet, wall, or ceiling into plain site.

Motorized Lift BEFORE

HIdden Televisions by SoundVision, San Francisco, Marin, Napa and Sonoma

Motorized Lift AFTER

HIdden Televisions by SoundVision, San Francisco, Marin, Napa and Sonoma

Ceiling Mount Drop Down BEFORE

Motorized Lift Television hidden in the ceiling

Ceiling Mount Drop Down AFTER

Motorized Lift Television hidden in the ceiling

Hidden Projectors and Drop Down Motorized Screens

Hidden projectors and screens arguably have the biggest impact in a home theater setup and certainly create quite a buzz.  When engaged, the projector and screen lower from the ceiling. When paired with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers it reveals a complete home theater system.   The best part about this setup is that it can theoretically turn any capable room into a complete home theater without modifying the décor or furniture.

Drop Down Motorized Screen BEFORE

Hidden Projector with Motorized drop down screen

Drop Down Motorized Screen AFTER

Hidden Projector with Motorized drop down screen


If you or someone you know would like more information on what you read here or have any questions, feel free to call our office at (415) 456-7000, send me an email or visit our website today.

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