TiVo Coming Back to DirecTV in 2010

TiVo_HDHere’s an early present for TiVo fans with DirecTV! We’ve learned through our friends at Engadget HD and Multichannel News that a new DirecTV TiVo HD DVR will debut sometime in the spring of 2010. You can definitely expect some more details to emerge at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in a few weeks, along with other news about the various DVRs in TiVo’s lineup. Our longtime clients with DirecTV might remember that the satellite provider’s original high definition-capable DVR was powered by TiVo, but the functionality of these devices today are severely limited as they are unable to tune in most of the HD programming now available through DirecTV.The new DirecTV TiVo HD DVR is rumored to include access to all of the great add-on features that cable subscribers with TiVo HD DVRs enjoy, like Blockbuster and Netflix streaming video on demand, YouTube, podcasts, Amazon Video on Demand and much more.We’ll have more information about the new DirecTV TiVo HD DVR as we get it. Also, look forward to our coverage of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in the coming weeks!Original Article: New DirecTV TiVo HD Due in the Spring of 2010 (Engadget HD)

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