Top 6 benefits of Central Vacuum Systems

1) 5x more suction power than a regular vacuum means less debris is left behind and floors are cleaner.

2) The small dust particles that go through regular vacuum filters are re-introduced into the air to remain in the living environment. Central vacuum systems exhaust the dust outside of the living area, resulting in 70% fewer allergens than homes without central vacuums.*

3) Vac-pan automatic dustpans make sweeping easier. Just sweep to the vac-pan, press the button with your toe, and the debris is sucked away.

4) Central vacuum heads are lighter than standard vacuums so they are easier to use.

5) The filter is very large, so it does not need to be emptied as frequently as a standard vacuum.

6) Central Vacuums on average last around 20 years, making it a wise investment.

*According to a study at UC Davis in 2006.

Hose attached to a central vacuum inlet

Central Vacuum systems are a shining example of technology making home life healthier. Central vacuums are a simple system of wall inlets distributed throughout a house that connect to a high powered central vacuum unit.  Each inlet allows for a hose or accessory attachment rendering it a fully functional vacuum for lightweight but powerful vacuuming.The central vacuum unit is typically installed in a discreet and easily accessible location of the house such as a basement or garage.
Automatic dustpan

Automatic dustpan

The systems can also include automatic dustpans attached to the wall for an extra quick and efficient clean-up.One of the best aspects of a central vacuum system is how well they completely remove dust, pollen, & animal dander from your home.  Traditional vacuums don’t have the power or ability to vent outside of the living area, which makes central vac systems perfect for  families with children, pets or allergy sufferers.

Central Vacuums have a limited lifetime warranty and on average last around 20 years which makes it a wise investment.

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