TV Screen W X L

All values rounded to the nearest quarter inch.

W: 28.0″

H: 15.75″

W: 37.5″

H: 21.25″

W: 43.75″

H: 25.75″

W: 48.0″

H: 27.0″

W: 56.75″

H: 32.0″

W: 65.5″

H: 37.0″

W: 74.25″

H: 41.75″

The Frame TV

Samsung 2021 Frame TV Install Guide. Note, final step is to rest the metal hooks on the back of the Frame TV onto the protruding “arm” of the wall mount.

Sonos Arc Articulating Mount

When angling the TV towards you, this Sonos Arc mount allows the audio to articulate towards you as well. Photos from

Types of Motorized Shade Styles

Lutron motorized shades fully raised into a pocketed cover

Surface Mounted

These shades are visibly present on the outside. These shades are called triathlon shades. The internals are covered by a valence. The valence comes in a number of materials and shapes to complement your space

Palladium Shades

Lutron Shades recessed into the ceiling