URC, Universal Remote Control Mill Valley Home Theater

URC universal remote control, san francisco, marin, napa, sonoma

URC universal remote control, san francisco, marin, napa, sonoma

The Key to Simplifying Home Entertainment.

At SoundVision, our driving goal is simplifying the entertainment experience. Typical media systems require sometimes dozens of remotes to operate, making them difficult and inconvenient to use. URC radio-frequency remote controls allow SoundVision to locate unsightly home theater equipment in closets or behind closed doors, and still allow you to control every component at the touch of a button on one remote.

SoundVision can help you control your entertainment experience by installing a Universal Remote. Universal Remote let’s you control your home theater, audio, lighting system, energy, shades, climate and more with one remote. Universal Remote controls are exceptionally user-friendly.

Home Theater

With help from SoundVision, all URC remotes, beginning with the affordable color LCD MX-450 right up through the Wi-Fi MX-6000, can effectively control virtually any home theater system and offer “no pointing” RF when used with a URC base station or system controller.

Whole House Audio

URC, Universal Remote ControlWith multi-zone amplifiers like the DMS-1200 you can enjoy music everywhere. Use an advanced remote like our MS-780 to select Pandora, Rhapsody, internet radio and more to stream from your SNP-1 Streaming Network Player to any room or anywhere, indoors and out, and to adjust the volume without the outdated knob-type volume controls. Add a remote like the KP-4000 Network Solutions keypad and you’ll enjoy feedback from your receiver displaying radio station information, album cover art, receiver volume and input status—right on the remote’s bright, colorful LCD Control more than just the volume; URC lets you control the experience.


SoundVision can program your home theater system to include a Lighting Control button on the remote. You can raise of lower the lights from the comfort of your easy chair. You can even control lights in other rooms—like be basement or porch—securely and conveniently simply by pressing one button.


TED, The Energy Detective, is an easy, lowcost, high-impact solution. Imagine being able to see exactly how much electricity you are using in real time. And being able to make positive adjustments based on accurate information. If you dim all the lights 10%, will it make a measurable difference? Which devices in your home are vampires that always draw electricity, even when not used?

The right URC remote will display the info that TED gathers in the greenest possible way. Instead of firing up your computer to check on TED, simply press a button on your KP-4000 or MX-6000 and read the data directly from the large, colorful LCD. Next, make an informed and illuminated decision to dim your lights using the same remote. When not in use, cut the juice: that’s how URC can help you save kilowatts and control the experience.


The right control keypad—a KP-4000 from URC—can be programmed to control all of the lights in your home (including the light from the sun). The same stylish device—which looks modern and attractive on any wall—also controls your whole-house music system, heating/air conditioning, and more. The KP-4000 communicates with everything on your home wireless network. That allows it to control the music collection you keep on your PC (or iPod when used with URC’s PSX-2 Personal Server). Of course, it also displays lists of artists, albums or songs, and displays the cover art of the selected album.


A device called a Voltage Sensor can be connected to your doorbell and a URC MRX-10. When the doorbell button is pressed, the device senses the voltage and triggers a “Macro” (i.e., coordinated series of interconnected commands) that Pause the movie, Raise the lights and prepare you to receive your visitor.


The right URC remote control, the MX-5000 for instance, can be programmed to display an AWAY button that works, quite simply, like magic. One press of this button adjusts all of the thermostats, turns off lights, lowers shades, and even makes sure no one left a TV on anywhere in the house!

The road to perfection just got shorter. As a matter of fact, it’s just around the corner. With the right URC control you can monitor and adjust the temperature setting on any thermostat in your home. It puts you in command of your climate and much, much more.

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