Why Motorized Window Shades are Awesome!

Motorized ShadesWindow treatments are a standard feature in the finer homes we work in. They are essential as a decorative design detail, and they often provide valuable benefits including; UV protection for artwork, furnishing and finishes, privacy, glare reduction, and black-out for bedrooms and media rooms.

Window treatments come in various styles, the most common being drapes, roller shades and roman shades.

It take a very diligent homeowner or staff to open and close the shades daily to maximize the view/sunlight when wanted, and minimize the light, heat and UV, when it is not wanted. We have found this is the task that gets missed with manual window treatments.

Motorized window treatments look like manual products with a few benefits:

Clean Design
-No unsightly cords or chains to pull.
-All shades or drapes in a room can track in-line with each other.
-Can disappear into pockets when not in use.
-Are virtually silent when they are moving.

-Ability to open/close all the window treatments in the room or home with the touch of a single button.
-No more struggling with pulling open/closed heavy fabrics.

-Automatically open/close based on time of day, sun position, occupancy, or temperature of the room.
-Controllable from remote control/smart phone/tablet.

Imagine walking into a room and touching a single button to set a lighting scene and adjust the shades for the entire space. We have found that most customers do not adjust their manual window shades daily, denying them the benefit of some great views because they do not want to go through the hassle of opening each drape of shade individually.

Give us a call if you want to add the elegance and convenience of motorized shades to your space.

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